Hartley Health Signature Fresh Meal Packages

If you're looking for meals that are Fresh, Nutrient Dense and Healthy
Without Preservatives, Additives or Prolonged Shelf Life due to Gas Mapping
Free from Seed Oils and full of Whole-Foods and Delivered within 48 hours from a Chefs Kitchen and not a Warehouse Facility:

Select your goal

Fat Loss
Our low calorie option

A lighter meal, balanced with a healthy portion of protein

These meals are between 350-400 calories per meal
A healthy balance of protein carbs and fats.

Perfect for Postpartum or expecting mums

These meals sit between 450-500 cals per meal

You provide your macros and we do the rest
(specified at checkout)

Our chefs will plan a bespoke menu to meet your macros - weighing and measuring all your ingredients to make sure you hit your goals
Dietary Preference, Dietary food, Dietary meals, hartley heath
Allergies and Intolerances
(specified at checkout)

Meals can be selected as Balance or Low Calorie and up to 3 dietary requirements can be catered to i.e.

GF, DF, No Nuts,
Low Fodmap, Low sodium, Coeliac, or simply excluding certain ingredients