2000 Calories Meal Plan – VEGAN


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Nutritional Details:

MACROS: P150, C215, F60
Vegan (no animal products used at all)

How to use this book:

We have created 15 x separate recipes that have been uniquely calculated to fit the macros listed below. Feel free to mix, match and repeat a complete day of 3 x recipes, however you will need to keep your Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner meals together on the same day as they will all equal your total daily macros. For example, all your breakfast recipes are different macros and calories so will need to be matched with the correct lunch & dinner meal to equate to your total macros.

The 2 x week overview that we have provided is just an example of how you can structure your recipe days to give yourself more variety during the week, but if you are happy eating the same 3 meals for multiple days in a row – go for it!

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