Your Mental and Emotional Health

Are you someone who is stuck behind limiting beliefs or stories that are holding you back from reaching your infinite potential?

Are you hiding behind these limiting beliefs and stories?

Do you desire to create
sustainable change?

The 12-module Elevate course will help you breakfree from the murky ideas that have held you back from reaching your infinite potential, enabling you to create your own reality, fearlessly.

This is for you if you…

  • Are suffering from blocks that are holding you back
  • Feel stagnant in your life
  • Want to be inspired and guided back to your true essence
  • Desire more from life and elevate to version 2.0 of yourself

Elevate into your higher self

I will help you breakthrough and navigate the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your ultimate reality. Master the art of life and thrive in all aspects to reach your full potential.

mental and emotional freedom


financial freedom

mind and body connection

a new career path

time freedom

Do you want to ...

How many of these points are true to you?


All is arising to be harmonised. Stay close to yourself; be awake to your gifts; practice being a centre of love, wisdom and compassion. The world will follow your lead.

Jordan Hartley

Pillar Problem Solving Benefits
You don’t have to seek the answer to your purpose from outside things, your answer is already within
Create a life based on your true essence that is waiting to be uncovered and loved
Limiting beliefs
Breaking free of limiting beliefs to allow access to your infinite potential doesn’t have to be scary
Bring the unconscious to light and create aligned action that allows you to have more freedom in all aspects of life
Aligned action
Creating a life that is aligned on all levels through freeing up mental and emotional space in your everyday life
Generate sustainable change while upgrading your life to version 2.0
Self-love and development
Isn't a taboo or woo-woo topic, it is the answer to the growth you're seeking
Invite in the freedoms of self-love and acceptance, using accountability as your tool
Features Benefits End Result
Receive access to a qualified therapist
Create mental and emotional freedom with the help of our in-house qualified
Insider tools and prompts
Learn helpful practices to propel you on your self-development journey
Biohack your brain with sustainable change that creates lifelong habits
Embodied practices
Connect to your mind and body
Move out of your mind into your body to allow yourself to connect through practices
Accountability check ins
Weekly check-ins to keep you accountable to your values, goals and desires
Commitment to your self-development with accountability checks-ins
Facebook group
Connect with like-minded people
Magnify your journey as you meet people who value growth too.
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Jordan has taught me so much about mindset and bringing mindful practices into my life. Journaling is something I have always kind of fear because I felt like it had to be perfect so I just didn’t do it, but Jordan has made me realise that journaling is meant to be messy, it doesn’t need to have a structure and it doesn’t need to make sense. I’ve made so much progress since taking on this advice! It’s still a work in progress but my journaling habits are improving.
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Elevate truly transformed the trajectory of my life. I started to manifest the life I wanted for myself and worked with Jordan to see it come true. The intention I set at the beginning of financial and time freedom has come true. I can't thank Jordan and Elevate enough. I would recommend this for anyone who is looking to level up in all aspects of live.
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Elevate transformed the way I look at life. I have always strived for an abundant mindset and safe to say I now have a thriving one. I am beyond grateful. Thank you!
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I recommend Elevate to anyone wanting to level up in their life. If you have been feeling stagnant and finding it hard to move forward in aspects of life, this course will completely transform the way you live your life. Thank you for helping me elevate into version 2.0 of myself.
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I’ve been friends with Jordan for 7 years now and in that time, I’ve seen her transform her life before my eyes. She’s grown a seven-figure business, created a life she loves, supported her own mental health into thriving. She’s one of the most devoted people I know to her mental well-being and spiritual growth. Her life is a reflection of that. Jordan is resilient, committed and a true testament to what happens when you stay devoted to your growth. I would highly recommend her program Elevate.
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Jordan’s knowledge, love, and support are invaluable. What an incredible 5 weeks it’s been. Jordan has an incredible ability to create a safe space for the clients she is working with. I felt seen, heard, and have permission to be my entire authentic self. There are no words to truly express the gratitude I have for her and look forward to working together in the future again.
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