About us

Our Mission

Personalised meal plans

Select from 4 different packages to suit your holistic needs or tailor the meals exactly to your requirements.

Fresh not frozen

All our food is prepped and packed freshly into our containers 12 hours before your delivery.

Cooked and delivered to your door

Cooked and delivered to your door within 24 hours. Unlike most meal prep companies, we don’t use gas mapping.

Whole foods based

Locally-sourced, quality produce used in each meal.

Delicious menu

Designed and created by a trained hatted chef.

Sustainable change

Genuine long lasting results, with nourishing meals that have been created to help you achieve your goals.

Holistic approach

We believe food is a source of love and connection, created to fulfil your health and wellness needs.


Cooked, weighed, macro counted and delivered to your door, designed to save you hours cooking and prepping in the kitchen.

Direct to your door

Delivered Mondays and Thursdays conveniently before 8am.