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Fresh, nutrient-dense meal prep, delivered to your door
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Hartley Health Signature Fresh Meal Packages

If you're looking for meals that are Fresh, Nutrient Dense and Healthy
Without Preservatives, Additives or Prolonged Shelf Life due to Gas Mapping
Free from Seed Oils and full of Whole-Foods and Delivered within 48 hours from a Chefs Kitchen and not a Warehouse Facility
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How It Works

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Select from 4 different nourishing meal packages to support your health and lifestyle goals to meet your dietary needs

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Chef creates meals

Your meals are designed and cooked by health food chefs with nutrient density in mind, using fresh and seasonal produce

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Delivered to your door

Cooked and delivered within 48 hours. Receive your meal delivery every Monday and Thursday between 4am – 8am

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Sustainable change

Create lasting results with meals that fuel your mind and body. Our meals are created with your health and wellness as priority

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This weeks menu highlights

Summer Goddess Chicken Salad with Brown Rice

Our meal packages

Fuel your mind and body with nutrient-dense, 90% whole-foods based, chef cooked meals.
Free from gas, additives, preservatives and seed oils.
Delivered to your door fresh, within 48 hours.


Suitable for your weight loss goal.


Ideal if you eat flexibly, leaving the meal creativity to us.

Perfect for Postpartum or expecting mums.


Eat flexibly with a few additional nutritional requirements.


Eat highly individualised meals specific to your goals and dietaries.

Know someone who is struggling and would appreciate a meal delivered?


meals donated to charity

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Fresh, nutrient-dense meal prep,
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